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They Carried Us: The Social Impact of Philadelphia's Black Women Leaders

By Allener M. Rogers and Fasaha M. Traylor, Anticipated Release Winter 2017/2018

We began work on They Carried Us:  The Social Impact of Philadelphia’s Black Women Leaders in 2013.  Envisioned as the first book to examine the contributions of black women as a group in Philadelphia over four centuries, we wanted to present and document their experiences and contributions to the people of this historic city. Our key insight was that successive generations of women fought for human equality and human development, beginning with the earliest “forerunners” and continuing to the present day. 

Searching through libraries, archives, the internet, and Philadelphia’s many collections, we have re-created the life stories of black Philadelphia women who changed our city.  And with 200 hours of original audio interviews of 50 contemporary black women leaders, we have demonstrated an unbroken line between the 50 forerunners and the women who carry us today.