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Research Design

Designed to lead organizations and education institutions through the technical processes of developing sound, qualitative, quantitative or mixed methodology frameworks required of non-experimental and experimental research activities. 

Research services are stringent in nature, and controls are established to 'lasso' or isolate investigation variables from extraneous or influential variables.  Structuring the resign design involves development of parameters for minimizing errors associated with validity of data, and maximizing repeatability associated with reliability of data findings.   
Additionally, research design methodology, data collection methods and data analysis procedures are specified by intervention, participants, test or implementation strategies and anticipated improvements or results.

Insight: Attached is an article that examines two paradigms of research methods; the article argues that pragmatic and mixed method research methods are most successful when used in tandem. 
Allener Rogers, Ed.D.,
Aug 5, 2011, 8:20 AM